Matt HarrisCheck out our newest employee spotlight for Matt Harris:

Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Employee at OMT-Veyhl since 2020.

What does it mean to you to help OMT-Veyhl be successful?

To help the company is to consider the needs of the company, the employees and the customers and do my best to drive forward positive change and improvement. If I can’t help, I will find someone who can.

What are you most proud of in your career? 

When I look back at my career, what I am most proud of is reflecting on those who have shared with me that something I did helped them or made their day better. Its also nice to look at where things were a year ago and where we are now as a team and company.

What is your favorite breakfast?

You can’t beat chicken and waffles with hot sauce on the side.

Which kid’s movie is scary to you? 

For real the alternate family with the button eyes on Coraline is terrifying.

Are you a gatherer or a hunter? 

I would say I am a gatherer in many ways. A gatherer of information and stories.

How many square feet of pizza is eaten in the US each year? (no looking up!)

Oh wow I have no idea. 850,000,000? Not sure if that is crazy high or low.

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