Q  How do I order?

A  Please see our How to Order page

Q  Do you have hole patterns?

A  We can have them made on a case-by-case basis with a 2-day lead time.

Q  Do you provide renderings?

A  Yes, we have renderings available for all standard products.

Q  What colors do you offer?

A  Please reference our Color Book
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Q  Do you have color samples that you can send me?

A  Yes, please send us an address and an OMT-Veyhl color code. Maximum quantity of 5

Q  What is the weight capacity for Bold and Clever, 2 and 3 leg setups?

A  Bold and Clever 2 leg: 200 lbs.
Bold and Clever 3 leg: 250 lbs.

Q  What is the lowest height for a Dual Stage Electric?

A  Bold Dual Stage Low: 22”
Clever Dual Stage Low:  25”

Q  What is the highest height for a Dual Stage Electric?

A  Bold Dual Stage High: 50”
Clever Dual Stage High:  49”

Q  What is the greatest length top I can place columns under?

A  2 leg kit: 84” x 30”
3 leg kit: 84” x 30” x 84” x 30”

Q  Do you have MOQ of 100 pricing?

A  Yes, please see customer-specific SOL

Q  What is the number of boxes per table?

A  It depends on the order. For a Standard 2-Leg Table: three boxes
For a Standard 3-Leg Table: four boxes
For a 2-Leg Table Kit (one part number): one box

Q  What is the box size and weight for each package?

A  Please contact customer service

Q  What is the cost of shipping?

A  Please contact customer service to begin a Shipping Quote