Case Study: When Change is Imminent, Customer Service and Communication Are Crucial Elements of Success

Case Study 4


Leading New York furniture manufacturer


The customer wanted to upgrade their heightadjustable desks but keep some of its existing infrastructure.


OMT-Veyhl provided a solution for the integration of the already existing power partition.

Anytime change is introduced, there’s a certain amount of resistance. The key to successful change is implementing a little of the old with a little of the new and making sure the process is communicated seamlessly. So, when a major financial institution based out of New York wanted to upgrade to height-adjustable desks, it knew it wanted to keep some of its existing desks’ infrastructure. The problem? Finding a manufacturer that could incorporate the current elements into the new design in a reasonable timeline.


For more than 30 years, a leading New York–based furniture manufacturer has been an industry go-to for unique office ergonomics. Perhaps that’s why it was the first choice when the financial firm wanted to upgrade its existing office fleet to height-adjustable desking. The financial firm already had a competitor’s desk installed, and with it came a unique power partition the firm wanted to keep. It was relatively new technology and worked well with the current needs, so the financial firm didn’t see any reason to replace it. However, when it approached the current desk manufacturer about upgrading to height adjustable, the current desk’s manufacturer was unable to do so while also keeping the current power partition due to logistical constraints. That’s when the furniture manufacturer approached OMT-Veyhl.

Understanding Logistics

LogisticsOne of the biggest requirements for the financial firm was the ability to implement a new solution in a timely fashion. It was committed to the height-adjustable
shift and didn’t want to wait months for overseas renditions before implementing the new solution. It communicated its needs to the furniture manufacturer. Shortly after, the furniture manufacturer determined it needed to bring in a third party to solve the problem.

Because this manufacturer had worked with OMT-Veyhl in the past, it knew that incorporating the power partition was doable. But what it didn’t know was how quickly the integration could be done. A national sales director from the furniture manufacturer shared that it was this keen understanding of the importance of logistics that made OMT-Veyhl the obvious choice. “We needed a manufacturer that was flexible, imaginative, and quick. OMT-Veyhl manufactures in the United States, so the timelines are condensed dramatically when compared to the leading competitors. We didn’t have time to go back and forth overseas when the solution didn’t fit. We needed a team on the ground to work with the financial firm and get solutions to their problems in real time. OMT-Veyhl proved to be the perfect partner for these types of logistics.”

A Consultative Approach to Service

The national sales director added that OMT-Veyhl offered a level of customer service that they traditionally don’t see in this type of consultative approach. “The whole process took a few months to complete, as opposed to an estimated six to seven months with the leading competitor. The design process was simplified because the OMT-Veyhl team was there with us the whole time. At one point, they even flew out to the client to take measurements themselves. There was no back and forth or intermediary—they were like an extension of our team, and their local logistics became our logistics.

Dovetailing Success To a Solid Product

In the end, the financial firm selected the mounting bracket proposed by OMT-Veyhl, and the new, height-adjustable desks were implemented with the existing power partition. But the story doesn’t end there. “Yes, we’ve deployed thousands of these units to the financial firm in New York, but more importantly, we’ve learned that this solution, which we thought would be a custom, one-off design, actually met the needs of several other products on the market.

We worked with a New York–based dealer on this project, and they not only checked their other products with that financial firm but also dove into their current portfolio to see what other needs this solution could meet. This one product rendition has trickled down into a scalable solution for future needs.”

To the manufacturer, the success in this story is the partnership. “This really is the classic example of a great partnership built on a foundation of trust. With OMT-Veyhl, every interaction continues to provide this customer-first level of service that we just don’t get anywhere else. It’s in the roots of the OMT-Veyhl model, and it’s why they are our go-to choice, again and again.”

We needed a manufacturer that was flexible, imaginative, and quick. OMT-Veyhl manufactures in the United States, so the timelines are condensed, dramatically, when compared to the competitors.

National Sales Director

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