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Turning Custom Designs Into Real Products

When an athletic apparel company wanted a custom-made, unique storage cart for their offices, their supplier knew it was going to take more than your average relationship.

Problem: The customer had defined an idea for a custom storage cart for their office but had nobody to produce it.
Solution: The supplier and OMT-Veyhl collaborated on the designs and mockups to make the customer’s wish list a reality.

See how a true partnership with a manufacturer brought an idea to life.

The Importance of Finding a Reliable Manufacturer

OMT-Veyhl stepped up to manufacture custom conference room furniture for a customer who was left needing a last-minute solution.

Problem: Failure from the planned manufacturer left the supplier looking for a last minute solution.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl had the production capacity as well as the engineering and supply chain capacity to help save the day.

See how their success led to future orders.

The Magic of In-House Capabilities Paired with Customer Communication

When a world-wide pandemic led to an unprecedented high demand for patient platforms, the right manufacturers and ease of partnerships were vital. 

Problem: A global pandemic caused the desperate and immediate need of more hospital beds.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl’s wide variety of in-house capabilites partnered with strong communication filled the need for speed-to-market manufacturing.

See how OMT-Veyhl’s capabilities and speed made it happen for this leading medical device company.

When Flexibility and Quick Prototyping Are Mission Critical 

When orders are placed before a product is even developed, flexibility and quick prototyping capabilities are mission critical.

Problem: GP Reeves needed to outsource a stand that would support their technology and hold bulk sanitizer solution, both quickly and for the right price point.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl designed a solution in record time that met the requirements and cut costs.

Learn how GP Reeves Inc. partnered with OMT-Veyhl to fulfill an exploding market need amidst a global pandemic.

Pairing custom design with tight turnarounds

When a manufacturer is approached for a custom furniture solution, timeline often can be one of the biggest hurdles. So, when the timeline is condensed to just a few weeks, attention to detail and a keen market understanding are mission-critical skill sets.

Problem: The customer’s current benching solution wasn’t perceived as sturdy enough and needed additional wire management. Something more robust was needed on a very tight timeline.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl provided a customized desking solution, engineering and delivering a mockup within 10 days.

Learn how a leading Michigan furniture manufacturer partnered with OMT-Veyhl to transition a napkin sketch to a delivered mock-up in just ten days.

Putting Customer Satisfaction First

When a customer’s needs require custom design and engineering while remaining true to timeline and budget, the ability to bring in a trusted partner who can act as a one-stop shop in the supply chain is invaluable.

Problem: The customer needed a moveable height adjustable desk solution that met lower-than-average height requirements.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl re-engineered a leg design to meet the required height limit and included casters for mobility.

Read about how a New York manufacturer was able to delight their customer without having to manage multiple outsourced suppliers.

There’s No Substitute for Quality

Warranty claims adding up to 10% of total sales indicate that it’s time to find a new solution.

Problem: The customer was experiencing ongoing quality issues with their control boxes, hurting their reputation as well as causing them to lose money in warranty claims.
Solution: The construction of OMT-Veyhl’s control boxes proved much more durable, resulting in a dramatic drop in failure rates.

This manufacturer’s quality issues are now nearly non-existent after switching to OMT-Veyhl as their supplier. Read their story here!

When Change is Imminent, Customer Service & Communication are Crucial Elements of Success

Anytime change is introduced, there’s a certain amount of resistance. The key to successful
change is implementing a little of the old with a little of the new and making sure the process
is communicated seamlessly.

Problem: The customer wanted to upgrade their height-adjustable desks but keep some of its existing infrastructure.
Solution: OMT-Veyhl provided a solution for the integration of the already existing power partition.

Learn how OMT-Veyhl’s understanding of logistics allowed the OEM to not only provide a quick solution for this particular customer, but to turn this success into a solid product.

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