Case Study: The Importance of Finding a Reliable Manufacturer

design screen


Leading software company


Failure from the planned manufacturer left the supplier looking for a last minute solution.


OMT-Veyhl had the production capacity as well as the engineering and supply chain capacity to help save the day.


OMT-Veyhl stepped up to manufacture custom conference room furniture for a customer who was left needing a last-minute solution. See how their success led to future orders.


A leading software company chose to invest in their offices with custom conference room furniture to align with their brand. Their trusted supplier worked with a manufacturer to produce the furniture and planned an installation date.

However, the companies were left needing to find a new quick and reliable solution when their planned manufacturer failed to complete the order and canceled last minute.

Finding OMT-Veyhl

The product required thicker gauge steel, which meant manufactures who were capable of handling this project were limited. However, it wasn’t long before they found their solution: OMT-Veyhl.

“OMT-Veyhl really stepped up and saved the day,” said the supplier’s fulfillment team. “Ultimately, they had the capacity that we needed – meaning, not only production capacity but also engineers, purchasing, etc. who were able to complete the project.”

This available capability is due to OMT-Veyhl’s dedicated custom solutions team – a separate business department from their standard products.

The Process

Both companies collaborated and worked closely on the design, which OMT-Veyhl then created a mock-up for. The team learned from that and OMT-Veyhl suggested changes for smoother manufacturing and cost savings.

“They did a prototypical build first, then a second build, which we were able to refine small details from. Then without request, OMT-Veyhl did another build internally to verify their facility was ready, which was awesome. It made us confident in their capacity and their systems.”

“OMT-Veyhl really stepped up and saved the day. Ultimately, they had the capacity that we needed – meaning,
not only production capacity but also engineers, purchasing, etc. who were able to complete the project.”
Supplier Fulfillment Lead

Making It Happen

When the customer approached OMT-Veyhl it was clear that the biggest requirement was timing. They were now significantly behind schedule and still hoped to make their installs.

OMT-Veyhl understood this and made a first-round product similar to how the previous supplier planned to do it, meeting shipment dates and redeeming the project.

The entire product was completed in-house in the OMT-Veyhl facility – from fabrication to powder coating to assembly and shipping.

Project Success

After the first production run, the OMT-Veyhl team worked with their customer to re-engineer the designs for a smoother manufacturing process.

Through this process, there has been a significant cost savings, as well as a unique opportunity for the customer to explore more unique designs. The product also now ships in four small boxes instead of one hard-to-manage large box.

Ultimately, the story didn’t end after the day was saved. The success of this project led to significantly more orders of this product and more custom conference room furniture. More than a year later, OMT-Veyhl is still the manufacturer of choice for this customer.



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