• Up to six column configurations
  • Two-column configurations can support 36″ to 84″ tabletops
  • Three-column configurations can support both 90 and 120 degree layouts and up to 250 lb. load
  • Sync up to six columns for larger tables
  • Available in both rectangular and square columns
  • Less than 50db noise level using ISO-11201:2010 acoustics
  • Raising/lowering speed 1.5″ per second
  • Two-column bases can support 36″ to 84″ tabletops
  • Three-column bases can support both 90° and 120° degree layouts with up to 84″ tabletops
  • Power consumption <0.3W
  • Multiple handswitch and color options available within one order
  • Dual stage high meets BIFMA’s Ergonomics Guidelines for Furniture Used in Office Work Spaces

Warranty Information
Three Years: Electronic components such as control boxes, handswitches, motors.
Five Years: Mechanical components such as crank drives, spindles.
Ten Years: Structural components such as beams, feet and top supports.

Handswitch Options

Foot Options


Powder Coat Color Options

150+ colors available.

Color Quick Reference

TypeStroke Length (IN)Height Min/Max (IN)Travel Speed (IN/Sec)Max Rated Load (LB)Noise Level (DB)
Single Stage (SSE)18.926/451.5225/250 (two leg/three leg)<50
Dual Stage Low (DSL)2621/471.5225/250 (two leg/three leg)<50
Dual Stage High (DSH)26.722/491.5225/250 (two leg/three leg)<50


Standard Dimensions

  • Base depths: 24″ and 30″
  • Base widths: 36″–84″ (6″ increments)
    • Three Leg 90°: up to 84″
    • Three Leg 120°: up to 84″
  • Base heights:
    • SSE: 26″–45″
    • DSL: 20″–47″
    • DSH: 21″–49″