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Q  Do you have hole patterns?

We can have them made on a case-by-case basis with a 2-day lead time.

Q  Do you provide renderings?

A Yes, we have renderings available for all standard products.

Q  What colors do you offer?

A  Please reference our Color Book. Still have questions? We’re ready to assist you.

Q  Do you have color samples that you can send me?

A  Yes, please send us an address and an OMT-Veyhl color code. Maximum quantity of 5.

Q  What is the weight capacity for 2 and 3 leg setups?

A   Bold: 225 lbs. / 250 lbs. (two leg/three leg)
Clever: 200 lbs. / 250 lbs. (two leg/three leg)
Conversion: 250 lbs / 300 lbs. (two leg/three leg)
Essential: 250 lbs. (two leg)
Fast Crank: 100 lbs. (two leg)

Q  What is the lowest height for a Dual Stage Electric?

A  Bold Dual Stage Low: 21”
Clever Dual Stage Low: 25”
Conversion Dual Stage: 20″
Essential Dual Stage: 21.75″

Q  What is the highest height for a Dual Stage Electric?

Bold Dual Stage High: 49”
Clever Dual Stage High: 49”
Conversion Dual Stage: 46″
Essential Dual Stage: 47.75″

Q  What is the greatest length top I can place columns under?

A 2 leg kit: 84” x 30”
3 leg kit: 84” x 30” x 84” x 30”

Q  Do your bases/motors have collision sensors on them?

A Yes, all OMT-Veyhl tables come standard with ISP (Intelligent System Protection). The ISP triggers when it measures an amperage spike on the motor. This can typically be engaged through sudden contact with hard surfaces such as shelves, file cabinets, etc. The ISP is not meant to be used to prevent injury. An additional external sensor can be purchased as an accessory.

Q  Do you have MOQ of 100 pricing?

A Yes, please see customer-specific SOL

Q  What is the number of boxes per table?

A It depends on the order. For a Standard 2-Leg Table: three boxes
For a Standard 3-Leg Table: four boxes
For a 2-Leg Table Kit (one part number): one box

Q  What is the box size and weight for each package?

A Please contact customer service

Q  What is the cost of shipping?

A Please contact customer service to begin a Shipping Quote

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