• For workstations 36″ to 84″ in length
  • 36″ and 42″ units have one power module
    48″−84″ units have two power modules
  • Connect up to four units in a row
  • ECA components available
  • Flip-open doors for easy access
  • Includes adjustable leveling glides


Do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaning solutions. No harsh chemicals including lye or rust remover.

Powder Coat Surfaces
For Simple Cleaning: general household cleaners are safe on all powder coated surfaces
For Disinfecting*: Use a 1:10 bleach + water dilute or a 70% Isopropyl alcohol + water dilute
Any residue should remove easily with soap and water.

*Be sure to dilute to recommended instructions. Test all cleaners in an inconspicuous area to verify.


Three Years: Electronic components such as control boxes, handswitches, motors.
Five Years: Mechanical components such as crank drives, spindles.
Ten Years: Structural components such as beams, feet and top supports.

Power Options

  • Hardwire Power Infeed
  • Power-to-Power Connectors

Powder Coat Color Options

150+ colors available.

Color Quick Reference


  • Leg Depth: 2.36″ (60 mm)
  • Tray Width (inside): 7.08″ (180 mm)

This unit not intended to support weight other than modesty panel



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