Clever Benching


  • Full table base (add your own work surfaces)

  • Meets BIFMA X5.5 standards

  • UL 962 approved

  • Integrated power management

  • Optional gyro sensor
  • Supports 24″ and 30″ tops

  • Can support up to 200 lb. load (including top)

Clever Bench can convert your workspace into a more pleasing open plan, affording you an efficient use of space proven to increase collaboration at an unheard-of price point. This product is attractive, highly functional, proven to be among the quietest in the industry, and includes built-in power management.


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  • Single stage height range 26″−45″
  • Dual stage height range 20.5″−46.5″
  • Fits both 24″ and 30″ tops
  • Raise/lower speed of 1.5″ per second
  • Power consumption <0.3W


Do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaning solutions. No harsh chemicals including lye or rust remover.

Powder Coat Surfaces
For Simple Cleaning: general household cleaners are safe on all powder coated surfaces
For Disinfecting*: Use a 1:10 bleach + water dilute or a 70% Isopropyl alcohol + water dilute
Any residue should remove easily with soap and water.

Laminate Work Surfaces
For Simple Cleaning:
 Damp cloth or sponge with a mild soap or detergent
For Disinfecting*: Use a 1:3 bleach + water dilute or a 70% Isopropyl alcohol + water dilute
Rinse with a damp cloth.

*Be sure to dilute to recommended instructions. Test all cleaners in an inconspicuous area to verify.


Three Years: Electronic components such as control boxes, handswitches, motors.
Five Years: Mechanical components such as crank drives, spindles.
Ten Years: Structural components such as beams, feet and top supports.

Handswitch Options


Powder Coat Color Options

150+ colors available.

Color Quick Reference



TypeStroke Length (IN)Height Min/Max (IN)Travel Speed (IN/Sec)Max Rated Load (LB)Noise Level (DB)
Single Stage1926/451.37520043
Dual Stage2620.5/46.51.37520043


Standard Dimensions




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