Back-to-Back Benching


  • Full table bases (add your own work surfaces)

  • Meets BIFMA X5.5 standards

  • UL 962 approved

  • Over 150 color options

  • Rated at 200 lb. load per two-column kit

Our back-to-back benching workstations are the answer to creating a modern open office plan; maximizing a workspace and leaving behind the days of space consuming cubicles.

Combine these benefits with our height adjustable desk components, and you have all the pieces needed to create a streamlined, healthy workstation that accommodates the needs of a technologically advanced culture.

Spec Sheet

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Color Quick Reference

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Standard Dimensions

  • Base depths: 24″ and 30″
  • Base widths: 36″ – 84″ (6″ increments)
  • Base heights: Single Stage Electric: 27″ – 46″ (with 1″ top)
  • Dual Stage Low Electric: 22″ – 48″ (with 1″ top)
  • Dual Stage High Electric: 23″ – 50″ (with 1″ top)

Illustration A:
One Pod (2-Station Bench)

  1. J-Channel Kit (2)
  2. Single Stage Electric Column Kit (2)
  3. Depth Support Kit (1)
  4. Cable Tray Kit (1)
  5. Depth Support Cover Kit (2)
TypeStroke Length (IN)Height Min/Max (IN)Travel Speed (IN/Sec)Max Weight (LB)Noise Level (DB)
Single Stage18.925/441.5200<50
Dual Stage Low2620/461.5200<50
Dual Stage High26.721/481.5200<50

Handswitch Options


Powder Coat Color Options

150+ colors available.

2018 Top 30 Color Book

Color Quick Reference


  • Two-column configurations can support 36″ to 84″ tabletops
  • Combine dual-stage and single-stage within one pod
  • Crank height-adjustable available
  • 90 degree worksurface layouts supported
  • Raising/lowering speed 1.5″ per second
  • Power consumption <0.3W
  • Less than 50db noise level using ISO-11201:2010 acoustics
  • Multiple handswitch and color options available within one order
  • Stroke length of 18.9″/26″/26.7″ (480mm/660mm/680mm)
  • Recommended column orientation as shown. Do not mount on angle.
  • Maximum load (including table top) not to exceed 250 lb.
  • Dual stage high meets BIFMA’s Ergonomics Guidelines for Furniture Used in Office Work Spaces

Warranty Information
Two Years: Electronic components such as control boxes, handswitches, motors.
Five Years: Mechanical components such as crank drives, spindles.