“In a world where you can dream it, pin it, or go old-school and sketch it on an actual napkin, the need to personalize furniture to meet the diverse demands of today’s workspace is gaining popularity.”

Whether it is custom colors or design, clients want unique solutions for their specialized needs. 92% of specifiers say the demand for custom furniture is either rising or staying the same. However, most global supply chains have long lead times and unpredictable outcomes, making it difficult to collaborate on custom orders.

With OMT-Veyhl, you can stop waiting on long lead times only to discover that you can’t get the colors, features, and design quality you need, and start delivering what you’re expected to deliver.

Increasing Want for Custom Furniture

Seventy percent of people said they want to collaborate on custom furniture. But why?

First, increasingly savvy clients want unique solutions. Companies want colors to match their specific brand and want creative designs that make them stand out.

Secondly, creating tailored spaces helps attract and retain employees. As people tour the building and come for interviews, a unique space is bound to draw more attention. People want bright, fun spaces to spend time and be engaged throughout a workday.

These spaces also help retain employees. Employees notice when a company invests in creating unique, ergonomic spaces in their building for their employee’s personal health and happiness. By intentionally creating environments where people will want to work, employees will feel more valued knowing their company appreciates them and not just the tasks they complete.

Lastly, product functionality has increased employee productivity. An ergonomic focus in a custom space is key to reducing discomfort, fatigue, and injuries. When office spaces are designed for a specific task, a company can guarantee higher efficiency with less distractions and complications.

OMT-Veyhl Wants to Be Your Partner

Ultimately, 90% of Architects & Designers would specify more custom products if there were an easier process. Luckily, OMT-Veyhl has begun that easier process, so you can stop wishing and start creating.

OMT-Veyhl can collaborate with you to create innovative new products from a napkin sketch or to enhance existing products that need a new life.

Their team is creative, ambitious and dedicated to the research, design, and development of your product.

With their custom capabilities, OMT-Veyhl can transition a design to a delivered mock-up in as little as a week. Choose from more than 150 colors with no minimum order quantity and no timeline delays.

Contact us today and learn more about OMT-Veyhl’s customization abilities. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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