investing in new office furniture

When you consider the furniture throughout your corporate offices, does it make you excited or is it the same dull furniture from 20 years ago when your business first opened? While potentially a hefty investment, upgrading your office furniture is vital and well-worth the cost for the future of your business.

Your chairs might still function properly, the desks are in good-enough shape, and the decor is subtle enough that it isn’t on your mind, but there are a variety of reasons why you should still replace your “matured” furniture with something fresh.

1. The Need for Ergonomics

Mostly likely, the furniture that has been filling your spaces for years was purchased as simply a place to get the job done. However, one of the most important parts of choosing office furniture is ensuring it is ergonomic. Not only will this elevate productivity levels, but it will also play a role in securing the health and safety of your employees.

When we design with an intentional ergonomics focus, we can reduce discomfort, fatigue, and injuries. Examples of these products include ergonomic chairs, split keyboards, and height adjustable desks.

OMT-Veyhl’s ergonomic desk bases are designed and tested to meet the highest specifications in the industry. The option to sit or stand throughout the day promotes a healthier work environment, and the customizable options offered allow you to tailor your products to fit any space and aesthetic.

2. Create Spaces that Employees Want to Work in

Remember, interviews go both ways. When a prospect employee arrives for a job interview, they will be absorbing everything they see, including the space itself, to determine if is it somewhere they want to work.

Recent generations are challenging the way we approach workplaces. For example, working from home is a hot topic and “work-life integration” is taking hold over “work-life balance.” But this shift also reflects in the office as these generations have little desire to sit at desks all day. Couches, collaboration spaces, advanced technology, desks that stand, wellness areas, and a variety of other unique rooms that make your company stand out are what will ultimately draw in future employees.

If people are spending 40+ hours in these offices, they want an aesthetic that will keep them going throughout the day.

3. Dedication to Your People and Your Company

When you invest in office furniture, it shows your dedication to your business. To your employees, providing fun, unique places and high-quality desks for them to work at shows that they are valued by the company.

To outsiders (customers and competitors), your commitment to your building and people will prove that you plan to be in business for a while longer.

4. Enhance Your Brand Identity

It is important to continue your brand throughout your building, even into the places a customer might not see. The color of the spaces and the furniture you choose is making a statement to every person in your building and the way they feel about your company.

Create an energy that makes your employees excited about their company – one they will brag to their friends about. When potential customers walk in, they also will feel the comradery and know it is a partnership they want to be a part of.

Office furniture is more than simply a place to work. Next time you walk past the dull offices with the worn-down furniture, consider it as an opportunity to invest in your people and your brand.

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