Storage at the Desk Spac

First thoughts when creating the perfect desk space often go straight to design ideation ­—style, color, décor.  However, a key to productivity and time management is actually storage.

Less clutter equals less distractions. This is an easy concept but not one that often appears at the front of our minds.

How can we create spaces that foster a working environment? We create storage. Organization is fundamental – the first stepping stone to limiting interruptions from our focus at work.

Additionally, and equally as important, the search for the correct paper, a little business card, or any other desk item is quick and effective when everything is in its place. No more digging through piles of paper and searching around cords.


Wondering where to start? Cord control.

Chargers, lamps, and clocks are just a few desk items that require a cord. When these begin to pile, it can be difficult to reach around them without accidentally unplugging something. Plus, it could simply cause frustration as they spread across or under your desk.

Finding a way to organize cords is a simple project that will lead to long term success.

The second suggestion for staying organized is straightforward. Dedicate 5 minutes to cleaning up your space before you leave at the end of every workday.

It’s easy to rush out the door – excited to get home to family, dinner, and nightly activities, but grant yourself those few extra minutes to organize. Take care of your laptop, arrange any scattered papers, position any other items in a neat order or in their designated spaces. You’ll thank yourself when you return the next day to a fresh start.


By creating storage, you aren’t losing design. In fact, you’re enhancing it.

A unique desk is only as creative as the storage – papers, pens, a laptop, and cords covering a beautifully designed desk, well, take away from the beautiful design.

Limited space? Try designing vertically. Take advantage of the opportunity to use storage as your design challenge.


Luckily, OMT-Veyhl has already begun thinking of solutions to this productivity enhancer – storage.

For example, the Round Z Cable Manager Bracket mounts to the work surface to direct wires of the table to be managed above the work surface, so cords can look neat and organized.


Looking for something different? We can collaborate to create new concepts that meet your storage needs. Our team is creative, ambitious and dedicated to research, design and the development of your product.

Unlike most globalized supply chain, your mock-up can be ready to show in as little as a week with options for customization at your fingertips.

At OMT-Veyhl, we prototype on the same automated machinery and laser-welding equipment we use when we manufacture. That means when you receive the production parts, you can rest assured that they will match the prototype you approved.

Give us a call today and learn more about our storage solutions and how our unique prototype capabilities could benefit you. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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