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In the midst of working between company offices and home offices, there are some important aspects that need to be incorporated in both spaces alike. One of those factors is natural sunlight.

A Harvard Business Review survey confirms that access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the number one attribute of the workplace environment.

While natural light makes the place brighter and overall more appealing, it also plays a key factor in productivity, vision, and mood.

The Impacts of Natural Light

Natural sunlight causes our brains to produce serotonin, which is a hormone that provides energy and can make us feel well-rested.

In fact, 47% of employees admit they feel tired from the absence of natural light or a window at their office, and 43% report feeling gloomy because of the lack of light. Therefore, if you are looking to boost your own focus or feel your employees need a little more energy, consider the lighting as your first solution.

In addition to productivity levels, natural light is also important for our health.

Research has found that natural light plays a role in reducing nearsightedness as eyes are developing, from early age even through young adulthood.

Natural light is just as important in older adults, however, because our ability to absorb blue light decreases as we age. Blue light is known to promote smooth functioning of bodily rhythms. The decreased ability to absorb blue light makes increased exposure to natural light even more important.

Increasing Natural Light

Since it is not always possible to be outdoors during work hours, it is important to increase natural light in office spaces as much as possible. Certainly, larger windows would do the trick, but there are other tactics that can play a role.

First light enhancer: the implementation of mirrors. Reflecting light can increase its effectiveness across a room where windows are only located on one side.

Another key is to choose the colors carefully. Dark colors will absorb the light, but choosing bright colors allows the natural light to brighten the entire room.

While natural light is incredibly important, be sure to balance light’s benefits with its negatives, such as glare on computer screens and reflections that can be more harmful than good.

Complete the Space

Natural lighting is just one piece of completing an entire space that fosters work productivity. Once you have a room with natural lighting, the next step is finding the right manufacturing partner to complete the space with furniture that fits all of your needs.

At OMT-Veyhl, we design, engineer, and manufacture components for the contact furniture industry. While we are the world leader in adjustable height table bases and metal table legs, we are also a leading supplier of cable management solutions, modesty panels, shelf supports, and other accessories.

Contact us for more information about how OMT-Veyhl can help you design and manufacture furniture that completes your bright office environment. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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