laser cutting technology

To begin manufacturing, OMT-Veyhl utilizes laser cutting technology as one of the first steps in the fabrication process. Of course, the lasers cut our steel to size and shape following the steel’s arrival into the building, but how does laser cutting actually work, what types of lasers are there, and how do OMT-Veyhl’s capabilities compare?

Laser Cutting Technology

Let’s begin by unpacking the difference between Nitrogen laser cutters and Carbon Dioxide laser cutters. Nitrogen is fiber optic and can cut steel up to 1 inch thick. Carbon Dioxide, on the other hand, cuts using gas and has a limit around ½ inch thick. These differences are due to the varying cutting power between the two – standing at 2.7-kilowatt power for Carbon Dioxide and 4-kilowatt power for Nitrogen.

Using Nitrogen also eliminates the carbon scale, which, in turn, means that we save time with no need to sand the cut edges; it’s also better for powder coat and allows us to do laser welding.

By OMT-Veyhl having both types of machines in-house, it widens our capabilities and allows us to determine which to use for each product.

In addition, there is also a significant difference between cutting with Nitrogen and cutting using Oxygen. With thin materials, Nitrogen can be up to 200% faster! While it does cost slightly more, it is reclaimed with the speed and output of product. However, this number drops to 2% with thick material, so at OMT-Veyhl, we strategically choose which to use to maximize cost savings and efficiencies.

Nitrogen is also more efficient, and the fiber laser allows finer geometry cuts. This is what we use as we cut custom logos and fine details into products.

What do we have?

OMT-Veyhl has a total of 9 lasers, 2 of which are Carbon Dioxide and 7 are Nitrogen. Of those, 4 are flat bed and 5 are tube lasers. Each one is incredibly user-friendly and most operate with a touch-screen interface. They are easily adaptable to projects and have easy command programming.

Our team of laser operators and team leads work diligently each day learning, training, and maximizing product output. For more questions about OMT-Veyhl capabilities and how we MAKE IT HAPPEN every day, contact our team!

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