design sceneOMT-Veyhl is proud to be GP Reeves’ chosen partner to design and manufacture the bases for their Defense Dispense line!

GP Reeves has been a global provider of engineered dispensing systems and solutions for manufacturing for more than 45 years. So, when the world entered a global pandemic, they knew they could utilize their existing technology to fulfill a major shortage: hand sanitizing stations. However, they needed to outsource a stand that would support their technology and hold bulk sanitizer solution, both quickly and for the right price point.

OMT-Veyhl responded with a rapid turnaround, from sketch to original prototype in 4 days. The OMTV team offered new design solutions that met requirements and cut costs, and offered durable powder coat available in more than 200 colors.

“One of the biggest factors for choosing OMT-Veyhl, in addition to the quick prototyping capabilities, was the security we had. We knew that when we ramped up orders, they would be able to keep up with the high volume. They were committed to do this with us,” said Kevin Reeves, President of GP Reeves.

“Not everything is going to work perfectly when you do a speed to market product – that’s just the reality of it – but OMT-Veyhl continued to work through that and make continuous micro improvements to the process and products. These things normally drive a supply chain nuts, but OMT-Veyhl was flexible, replacing typical design reviews with production reviews to continue to solve how we can make the next batch even better.”

The end result was the 1-Gallon Fortress Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System, which quickly led into the 5-Gallon Fortress Stand, the Market Stand, and the Outpost stand.

Read the full case study here:

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