reducing product lead time

It is no doubt that you want to be the first company that comes to mind when a customer has a need for a problem that you can solve. However, a large part of that is having the ability to provide the product when they want it. If your company is stuck waiting for a supplier to fulfill your order, you are then unable to provide the best possible service to your customers. Take a look at your supply chain to pinpoint areas where you could reduce product lead time.

1. Order smaller quantities, more frequently

The idea is that larger quantities usually come with better pricing; however, this is not always the case when you consider the additional costs to manage staff and house the inventory. The longer lead time associated with bulk orders might also cause some potential lost sales, leaving you even deeper in the red.

When you have a supply chain partner you can trust to always deliver for you, just-in-time automated manufacturing can beat bulk quantity orders.

The OMT-Veyhl Difference: For our many OEM partners, OMT-Veyhl is much more than your average supplier. We are a fully integrated supply chain partner providing just-in-time manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and fulfillment to your factory, distribution center, or drop shipping to your end customer. Our process enables us to effectively offer zero minimum order quantities on the majority of our parts while maintaining quality assurance standards that are the envy of the industry.

2. Reduce communication costs

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In other words, it is highly recommended to buy from a domestic supplier. It’s easy to get drawn in to what appears to be lower cost; however, buying off-shore can cause more pain than it’s worth. Domestic suppliers are typically more reliable when it comes to quality, and you can guarantee a reduced shipping time when products are not transported abroad.

Ideally all products are perfect the first time; however, if you do receive a faulty product, then this system of purchasing off-shore also eliminates any chance of a quick, easy fix.

In addition to shipping times, cultural differences, such as various customs and different holidays, can also play into longer lead times, missed timelines, and other hidden costs.

The OMT-Veyhl Difference: With OMT-Veyhl, you can have it designed, cut, bent, welded, assembled, and shipped all in-house and all right here in the USA. Lead times are as low as 8 days — a result of our investment and dedication to operational efficiencies.

3. For customization, seek specialization

If you find yourself in requests from clients that involve a degree of customization (most do), then look to a supplier who is experienced in that product and/or industry and is equipped to handle customization requests without damaging your bottom line.

The OMT-Veyhl Difference: When it comes to custom solutions, OMT-Veyhl is also the industry leader in rapid engineering and prototyping of under-the-worksurface solutions. We can collaborate with you to create exclusive new products from something as simple as a napkin sketch or to enhance existing products that need a new life.

With our rapid prototyping capability and on-site testing facilities, we are able to rapidly iterate and validate new designs. Often, we can achieve in a week or two what usually takes our OEM customers months to achieve.

In addition to our efficient custom solution design and manufacturing processes, we offer more than 150 standard powder coat color options with the ability to custom color match. Two separate powder coating lines are available to accommodate your needs from small-run customization to large-order production.

4. Build strong partnerships

Building a strong partnership with reputable suppliers that are as committed to your success as much as their own may be the greatest way to reduce product lead time. Once a relationship is built, you’ll be able to communicate your demand forecast and put into place automations that will help to reduce lead times.

The OMT-Veyhl Difference: Simply put, OMT-Veyhl can help make your job easier. Your success depends on reliability and trust, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of on-time delivery. Our current on-time delivery rate is 99%, and you can count on us to do what we say we’re going to do. We strive every day to improve our processes and provide even greater levels of service to our customers. Contact us for more information on how to begin a partnership with us. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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