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As companies begin returning employees to the workplace, the spaces and the ways of business will change to account for the new post-COVID-19 lifestyle. But the largest change – there will be much more distancing and separation.

This new reality means companies will likely see an increased loss in human connection and open-plan offices. These two desires between safety and community will continue to wrestle as businesses work to find a new normal.

Glass walls, however, might be just the solution for both.

Glass walls are practical

PhotoShelter office

The Business of Future | May 27, 2020 | Page 40, PhotoShelter Office in New York City, Design: Montroy DeMarco Architecture, Photographer: Peter Dressel

Choosing to design with glass walls over traditional walls creates an open office feel without the office actually designed openly. Walls are still in place, meaning that various office needs are still met, including health safety and sound barriers.

Having walls means that air flow is controlled and, therefore, also the open flow of germs. Now more than ever, this is an increasing concern as desk dividers are created and designing with old-school cubicles is back in conversation.

Separating people into different rooms is a step in the direction of creating safer spaces to fight against illness.

Sound barriers are also important at work. It is vital that there are quiet spaces for meetings and separate areas for brainstorming. Instead of creating closed off spaces with traditional walls, a room with glass walls will do the trick.

Artjail Office

The Business of Future | March 25, 2020 | Page 28, Artjail Offices in Toronto, Design: StudioAC

Glass walls are bright and modern

Glass walls allow the light to travel between spaces. Even if windows are only available on one side of a space, glass walls allow the window light to reach all the way across the floor, even between rooms. Rather than choosing to create rooms with traditional walls that increase a need for artificial lighting, glass walls might be a better investment.

In addition to the lighting, glass walls are modern. If you are looking to ramp up your design, glass walls provide effortless visual appeal.

OMT-Veyhl can be your design partner

OMT-Veyhl partners with OEM suppliers to develop innovative office furniture and accessories. Once the layout of your building is constructed with glass offices, those rooms will need to be designed with the highest quality adjustable-height or fixed-height tables.

Created to effortlessly perform in a modern office environment, engineered to last, and manufactured to a level of quality and efficiency that is among the best in the industry, we are the production partner you can rely on.

Reach out to see how our products and processes can meet all your company’s needs. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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