As a career mechanical design engineer and a bit of a nerd, I often live in a “black and white” universe, constantly breaking solutions down into “ones and zeros” and “straight lines and circles”. Many would think of this as a boring outlook and I must admit that it is.

Fortunately, there is this wonderful thing called ‘color’ that can bring out the artsy side of our furniture products here at OMT-Veyhl. It turns out that color choices, done right, can make or break the look and feel of an office environment. While there are over 20 different versions of “Black and White” in our catalog, OMT-Veyhl also offers a rainbow of popular colors to create thousands of combinations and effects in order to achieve the perfect result and keep pace with rapidly evolving design trends.

In our showroom we have a magnet board display designed and built by Ben Howard and Logan Snider, that displays a variety of powder coat colors and finishes that we offer for our products. The oval-shaped swatches have easy-pull magnets that can be placed alongside each other, making selection quick and easy.

Whether you’re attempting to create a neutral/muted color effect to blend in with the space or going for that vibrant “eye candy” focal point, we have you covered. We can even produce logo graphic headliner effects created with our lasered overlays in a base color overlaid with an accent color.

Beyond product colors, we are also passionate about color in how we dress for work. We have “Blue Shirt Days”, where everyone wears their company-provided shirts to display a uniform family look across the entire plant. This shows our visitors that we are all pulling together as a team with a sense of pride in our work and company.

Color communicates without words across many levels from the sub-conscious to the conscious, and can even shift a mechanically-minded engineer such as myself into a whole different ‘spectrum’ of thinking. Click here to see our 2018 Top 30 Color Book and look through the myriad options available to make your next office furniture project really stand out!

Mark Walling, Product Engineer