Check out the newest Employee Spotlight for Paul Hapke:

How long have you been employed at OMT-Veyhl?
4 years

What are your roles and responsibilities at OMT-Veyhl?
My role and responsibilities are to find, correct and prevent safety issues, implement new safety policies, make sure the company is in line with all local, state and federal regulations. Respond to all medical and fire emergencies within the plant. But most of all keep everything exciting and fun.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Instead of a few words, Paul who is a fireman when he is not at OMT-Veyhl decided to share with us who he really is…

He is the 911 Dis“BAT”cher!

So as I sit here wearing my Batman mask while dispatching and got to thinking. It is time for me to tell you how I almost became the Batman and not the 911 dis”bat”cher.

It all started when I was younger. I was being trained to be Batman as well as the current Batman. We were both learning crazy crime fighting skills and we were both pretty much even. Then it all ended. We had to fit in the outfit. Well I didn’t fit, I was a bit too large, so I became the dis”bat”cher instead.

He dates beautiful woman / I married a beautiful woman (brownie points)

He eats at fancy restaurants / I eat left overs

He drives the Batmobile / I drive a truck

He drives a vehicle with no back seats / Mine has car seats

He has crazy gadgets / I have kid toys

He has a sidekick Robin / I have a sidekick Bryce (son)

He manages a multibillion dollar company all day and fights crime at night / I sleep/work all day and I dis”bat”ch at night

His Bat cave has top secret gadgets / My Bat cave has shag carpet

He fights crime all night / I try to figure out which officer will bring me coffee

All in all, I think I made out with the better end of the deal. I have an amazing wife and awesome kids.