Idea to Prototype

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where your customers need a solution that is outside of your current manufacturing capabilities? Or maybe creating their solution would frankly just take too long and too much effort to design and manufacture?

Laser cutting, bending, welding, and powder coating – that is where OMT-Veyhl comes in. We exist to support you as you support your customers. Often, we can achieve in a week or two what usually takes our OEM customers months to achieve.

Known for our successful history in height adjustable tables and other components for the contract furniture industry, OMT-Veyhl is equipped to help in any metal fabrication project your company needs.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re a fully integrated supply chain partner providing just-in-time manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and fulfillment to your factory, distribution center, or drop shipping to your end customer.

We pride ourselves on our unique capability to go from idea to prototype in record time. With our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams all under one roof, we are able to collaborate and innovate at speed.

In fact, we are often able to go from a napkin sketch to a prototype in as little as a week. Your customers don’t want to wait, and we don’t think they should! Our team is well researched and knowledgeable on the latest trends and material so going into challenges, we are able to start running.

Whether it is a hand sanitizer dispenser or a customized desking solution, OMT-Veyhl is not short of specific examples to show how our team pushed to make the seemingly-impossible happen for our customers. Check out our case studies page to read more about the type flexibility, custom design capabilities, and tight turnarounds that it takes to meet each unique customer demand.

Going Above and Beyond

After an original idea is thought out and sketches are created, our teams meet for design reviews. We discuss why certain choices were made and work to implement new ideas and solutions for ease of use or financial savings.

With the ability to do every step of the process in house, from metal cutting to the final packaging, OMT-Veyhl cuts out the time that it would take to rely on external suppliers and verification of those products. Our ability to seamlessly integrate into your operations helps increase your speed-to-market.

Plus, when you use OMT-Veyhl, you are keeping your supply chain domestic, which reduces shipment times and simplifies quality control.

So, if you have an idea – and need a prototype – contact our team. You might be surprised just how empowering working with OMT-Veyhl can be.

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