Looking for ways to capture more of the Latin American Furniture Market?

Look no further than our sister company, OMT-Veyhl Brazil. They have the same manufacturing equipment, capabilities, and industry

know-how as we do, with the advantage of being located in Caxias do Sul / RS, Brazil. The Latin American market is prime for global players because of the large consumption potential and the market’s strong perception of the global players’ brands.

Additional costs associated with shipping product into Latin America are a consistent issue for OEMs. Partnering with OMT-Veyhl Brazil will allow you to sell directly to your customers in Latin America while avoiding hefty markups and additional import taxes. OMT-Veyhl Brazil offers 15-day lead times on standard products and 20-day lead times on mockups; this includes quoting and designing as well as the production of the requested product within that time period

OMT-Veyhl Brazil offers the same solutions as OMT Gmbh, Veyhl Gmbh, and OMT-Veyhl USA, truly making us a global partnership opportunity.

Below are some projects OMT-Veyhl Brazil has worked on with Local and Global companies:
Local Projects: IBM, Lilly & Co, Google, Equinor – Statoil, Itaipu Power Plant, LinkedIn
Global Projects: Youtube, SAP, Facebook, SalesForce, Shell, L’Oreal

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss opportunities with OMT-Veyhl Brazil, email us at info@omt-veyhl.com.

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