Sustainability puzzle

Many Americans are making conscious efforts to reduce their single-use plastic waste, such as plastic straws and water bottles. This crusade is an important piece of a bigger puzzle – shaping their lifestyles to support environmental sustainability.

It is important to note that individuals who partake in these movements are valuable. No effort is too small, and change must begin somewhere. However, when businesses and large corporations join individuals in these movements, their environmental footprint, and therefore, impact, is much larger.

Through the encouragement of people making these changes in their homes, think about how businesses, and even your company, can also take hold in environmental sustainability.

What’s the Impact?

Sustainability is less about today and more about the long-term health of our eco-systems. It is about recognizing how we can meet our current needs while lessening our damage to the environment.

Instead of focusing on how we can do things the cheapest and easiest ways, we should take note on the long-term effects of our actions. When we protect the environment, we are also helping our economic health and ensuring our social needs can be met.

In addition to ensuring adequate resources for future generations, sustainability efforts also lead to lower long-term operating costs for businesses, an increased opportunity for community members to engage in outdoor activities that stimulate the economy, and the ability purchase certain goods that are dependent on a fruitful environment.

Track Your Footprint

Is your company doing everything they can to make their processes more sustainable? Track your waste and energy usage and assess places within your operations where you can improve. In addition, recognize which suppliers are making intentional choices to increase sustainability and consider how you can support those companies and their efforts.

While it may seem like a lot to take on now or not worth the cost, the long-term investment is crucial. Not only will you be helping your company, you will be helping the environment for future generations to thrive.

What is OMT-Veyhl Doing?

OMT-Veyhl is taking steps to be more environmentally sustainable.

Reduce gas consumption and energy use

We re-use heat from our paint lines by recycling the heat from the paint line ovens back into the building to help heat the plant during the colder months. By doing this, we can significantly reduce our gas consumption.

We also recently replaced many light bulbs in our plant to LED bulbs in order to be more energy efficient. Our lights in both our office and plant are motion detection, and therefore, automatically off when nobody is in the room.


OMT-Veyhl has increased our focus on recycling throughout the office and plant. With this, we are dedicated to cutting down our scrap metal.  In the last two years we’ve reduced our scrap metal by more than 20%, and have a goal to reduce it another 11% by the end of the year.

Reduce packaging usage

We work with more than five local suppliers in the returnable rack system within our shipping program. Using plastic totes and metal racks, we have created an efficient way to transport goods back and forth between suppliers, as well as reduce the cardboard and plastic packaging usage to practically nothing.

Life cycle thinking

OMT-Veyhl incorporates life cycle thinking into the design, manufacture, use, and end-of-life management of our products.

For more information about OMT-Veyhl and the services we offer, contact us today. We may just be the perfect manufacturing partner to jump start your company’s sustainability efforts while providing you the solutions you’ve been looking for.

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